Expert Asphalt Repair Services Are Within Reach

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Cracked or crumbling asphalt is a safety hazard. If you need asphalt repair in Jackson, NJ, Star Paving can help. Our team will patch any holes or divots that are putting your patrons at risk.

Contact our asphalt repair team if...

  • You have interconnected cracks in your asphalt
  • Your asphalt is swelling or crumbling
  • You have large potholes

We'll take care of the problem quickly. Call 732-308-3220 or text 732-610-5978 now to arrange for expert asphalt repair services in Jackson, NJ and all of Ocean and Monmouth counties.

Protect your asphalt from the elements

Protect your asphalt from the elements

Want to keep your pavement in great shape? Star Paving can apply asphalt sealer made of coal tar, asphalt emulsions or acrylics to your pavement. This will prevent degradation caused by weather or other petroleum products. The process will take 24 to 48 hours, but once it's finished, the asphalt sealer will protect your pavement for years to come.