Don't Trust Your Sidewalk to an Underqualified Paving Contractor

Trust Star Paving for commercial paving in Jackson, NJ

If you need a new sidewalk for your residential community or commercial property, you can't afford to work with just any paving contractor. You need to hire a company with the knowledge and experience to do the job right. That's where Star Paving comes in. We've been performing residential and commercial paving work in Jackson, NJ for over 30 years. You can trust us to take on your sidewalk paving project with confidence.

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Rely on us to maintain your sidewalk

Rely on us to maintain your sidewalk

Star Paving takes pride in serving as the preferred sidewalk paving contractor in the Jackson, NJ community. No matter the size of the project, you can count on us for:

  • Sidewalk installation
  • Sidewalk repair
  • Sidewalk maintenance
  • Sidewalk resurfacing
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